What’s Behind Door Number 2?

Isn’t it funny, in a cynical, somber, not-so-funny-at-all kind of way, how we so often ask for God’s will or seek godly counsel, only to turn around and reject it for something else altogether? Well, the fact is sometimes it’s difficult for God to overcome the herculean strength of man’s will.

Just look in Jeremiah 42:1 – 43:7…

Here we find the account of Azariah, Johanan, and a remnant of Judah, left behind after king Nebuchadnezzar conquered them. They ask Jeremiah to seek the will of God to see whether they should stay in the land or go into Egypt. Jeremiah comes back and tells them God wants them to stay. They accuse Jeremiah of lying and subsequently go into Egypt anyway.

Of course, Egypt is consistently a type or allegorical representation of the world. So often we pay lip-service to desiring God’s will, but really we want someone to confirm that the plans we have for ourselves are the way to go. When it doesn’t happen, we rationalize and justify our actions so that we can feel somewhat good, even though we know deep down we’re resisting God.

Let’s challenge ourselves to pray and seek God objectively. Let’s seek to pray the prayer that Jesus prayed in the garden before He faced the cross: “not my will, but thine be done” (Luke 22:42).

After all, when we examine the lives of the people of God during the time of Jeremiah, we clearly see that God’s plans for us are for good and not for evil, He loves us with undying love and will set us on the path that is best for us!!!