The World Is Yours, What Will You Do With It?

An Amazing God

God never ceases to amaze me!!! No, I really mean it. No matter how much we might see or experience, God is always bigger, grander, and able to wow us again and again…

One thing that really stands out to me is how this omnipotent God of all creation can so often limit Himself to working through His creation–yes, that’s you and me in case you were wondering. I mean, think about it, all-powerful, all-knowing, always-present, never-ending God, handcuffs Himself by choosing to work through men and women, with all of our foibles, flaws, and failures….It’s simply mind-blowing!!!

Mankind: So-So Tenants

So, here we are in the book of Psalms, and we find the following verse in scripture:

The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth he has given to mankind. (Ps 115:16, NIV)

I read that and think of what an amazing honor, and yet, what an incredible responsibility. And to be honest, the cynical side of me thinks, “what a mistake that was!!!”

God created the cosmos with the power of His word, His very breath jump-started every system from solar systems, to ecosystems, to circulatory systems. So, He owns it all. Still, He gave tenancy to mankind, and thereby, granted dominion over the earth to us…

Of course, you know the long and short of the story: we (read Adam) flubbed things up, Satan was given that dominion, and God (working in Jesus Christ) restored dominion to those who are His adoptive heirs.

Dominion = Responsibility

This means that all the trouble, woes, heartache, evil, and problems that any human society faces is all a product of our poor management. WOW!!! But the story gets even deeper. With the church now established as God’s kingdom institution in the earth, it is upon our (the church’s) shoulders that falls the burden and responsibility to properly manage the affairs of this world so they align with God’s kingdom. So I say it’s time for us to begin taking this responsibility seriously and really start praying to use the dominion God’s provided to effect change in our world!!!


So, to those who are part of God’s kingdom, I ask this question, “the world is yours, what will you do with it?”