NCAA, North Carolina, & Transgenderism

Transgenderism: Is That A Real Thing?

In light of the recent developments in North Carolina, it’s impossible not to opine, at least a little, on this topic. From a Christian perspective, the case should be open and shut. God clearly defines what the two, count them two, genders are: male and female.


Haven’t you read, he replied, that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female, (Matthew 19:4, NIV)


Yes, by default, Jesus did comment on marriage and topics like homosexuality and transgenderism. However, instead of putting out all the fires that might arise, He chose to do the wisest thing, define marriage and gender in the positive. This way, He didn’t have to speak to all the potential perversions of these important topics. He gave us clear instruction that marriage is between a man and a woman, and people are either male or female.

That’s right!!! We are not living in some bizarro world where males can be born into female bodies or vice versa. That might make for a great episode of the Twilight Zone, or maybe even Supernatural, but it’s purely science fiction. This is absolutely evident by looking at the facts. For instance, Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief Psychiatrist of Johns Hopkins Hospital says this:


“We [those in his field] have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it [transgenderism & sex-change methods].”

“We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia,”


Did you catch that? He is an acclaimed and accomplished psychiatrist who says it’s madness to entertain the idea that boys can be born in girl bodies, or vice versa. Both scripture, and modern science show that transgenderism is not a reality. At best, it’s an infirmity or mental illness. In which case, we need to love those suffering from it, and see them healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A Flag On The Play

Now that we have both a scriptural and scientific/philosophical basis, what’s comment specifically on the actions of the NCAA and their response to House Bill 2 in North Carolina. I have long held that society is plagued by a trifecta of organizations, call them the three pillars of evil propaganda or maybe Satan’s PR team. They are Hollywood (the entertainment industry), the media, and the sports industry. Agree or disagree, the actions of the NCAA in this situation, as they add to the chorus of so many other misguided institutions, does give evidence toward that point.

In response to the flood of support for the notion that people can be born into the wrong body (kind of an edgy spin on Invasion of the Body Snatchers), the North Carolina legislature decided to make a law that people must use the bathroom that correlates to their birth gender. Seems reasonable right? If the doctor walked in and said to a proud set of parents, “congratulations, it’s a boy!” then that boy needs to use the boy bathroom.

Well, unfortunately common sense and common biology are not so common any longer, and as a result, we have the NCAA doing what organizations of their ilk do best, virtue signaling to the rest of their buddies that they are morally superior. They chose to ignore the biological facts and subscribe to the idea that boys are sometimes born as girls, and that it’s discrimination to have people use the bathroom of their birth gender. How do they accomplish this? By pulling various scheduled events away from North Carolina, leaving a wake of bad press and potentially lost revenue.

Does This Matter?

Absolutely!!! Just think of the potential problems that could arise when men are allowed into women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, etc…, without anyone raising an eyebrow. Of course, other organizations, such as Target, have already jumped on this bandwagon and allowed this to happen. How’s that working out for them? Well, as it turns out there are lots of examples where problems have already occurred. Note, this is not exclusively because of transgenders, just good old fashion perverts. But, common sense should tell us that loosening security standards would be a MAJOR PROBLEM!!!

The current Attorney General in Texas, Ken Paxton, sent an open letter to Target due to the potential problems and wrote, “It is possible that allowing men in women’s restrooms could lead to criminal and otherwise unwanted activity.” Well DUH!!! But unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to think that far…

But transgenders would never do that would they? Well, actually they would, as is the case of Sean (aka Shauna) Smith, where he was taking pictures of a women in an adjacent stall in the fitting rooms at Target:

Does this matter? Yes, it does. Perverts will be perverts, whether suffering from transgender disorder or not. We must remain vigilant to protect women and girls, and giving men free reign to walk into women’s restrooms would certainly undermine such protection.

Boys Will Be Boys

In his writings, Paul McHugh explains that the disorder that transgenders suffer from is one of “assumption,” where there is a split between what one believes versus the physical reality. He makes the parallel to those suffering from anorexia or bulimia. Imagine if we “celebrated” those suffering from anorexia, disparaging those who tried to help them as bigots and weightophobes (coined that myself). We’d stand by and watch people kill themselves because they believe something that doesn’t match reality. It’s absolutely insane that we live in a society where people that should be loved and nurtured back into mental health are instead “celebrated” and made to think their behavior and choices are absolutely acceptable.

Similarly, too many Christians are silent on the issue, hurriedly searching the Scriptures to try and fit society’s perversion, quoting scriptures about the end times and the sky falling, or just too busy being absentee believers. If only the church would rise up and offer people the power of the Spirit to overcome these kinds of illnesses and ailments. Don’t think that’s possible? Check out this link to see the testimony of a former transgender delivered by the power of Jesus Christ:

I have never really been a big proponent of the NCAA myself, but I would challenge those with a true moral compass to show them what you think. It’s time that we begin speaking with our feet and walking away from institutions and organization that ignore morality, decency, and common sense for a chance to appear virtuous. Stand strong child of God, stand strong my brothers and sisters in the faith, because God, scripture, biology, logic, and good old fashion common sense are with us on this one!!!


For more on Paul McHugh’s research and statements, see the following: