Be sure and keep your love level up❤️

Good morning family and friends! Ok let me see all the hands that just didn’t want to get up and work this Monday morning!!! Lol😀 I know me too. But we just have to put a little mind change on it, look at it from another angle so to speak! It is a great opportunity to connect with others and share the love of Jesus, into other people’s lives! Now that, brings me to the next thought! If I am feeling like I might be getting rude or if I am frustrated, or irritated, then that tells me I need to get into my prayer closet and spend time with my Father! Something super natural happens when you spend time with Him, you love on Him, and He loves on you, He feels your heart with more love for others! So if you’re not feeling peace, your love level is low! So be sure and spend your quality time with Jesus, so you can be filled! Love you guys! Have a Blessed day!💕